Saturday, May 1, 2010

Welcome to CMG!

Welcome to the Blogger page for the Crossmarketing Gurus! If you've stumbled by here looking for great information on how to market your handmade products, you're in luck. If you've ever thought that someone else's products would look great pictured next to yours, or that by teaming up with someone else you could increase sales, you've got the right idea. This is what CMG is all about. We are a group of handmade artisans seeking connections, crossmarketing ideas and suggestions, and increased sales through group force.

This group began as the guild of artisan Lisa from jYOUlry on Artfire. Lisa then instituted the Yahoo! group, crossmarketing. The Yahoo group reached out to artisans that were not on Artfire or could not participate in the guilds. Then, as a quiet suggestion from that board and the collaboration of its members, this blog came to be!

In the future expect tips on crossmarketing your products, success stories, information about the group, and much more. Ideas are funny in that they do no all happen at once. Like a puzzle, they slowly come together to form a grander picture. So help us put the pieces in place. The one thing missing may be you.


  1. Wow this was speedy and well done! Thanks from my dog and me - London

  2. Tammy this is wonderful! i love the definition part and the write up you did! Both informative, well written and just plain awesome!

    (a quiet suggestion, LOL...)

  3. Thanks everyone. I've done so many that set up becomes second nature sometimes. I can't count how many people I've directed in setting up blogs. Don't know why, just kind of happens that way. ;-)

  4. I agree with everything said! Well done, Tammy!

  5. wow! this is really cool! I'm so glad I found it, just started a shop not too long ago on Etsy ( selling OOAK children's clothing and I think this may really be helpful! Definitely following!